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some of you may be interested in this free online course about music production by Berklee college, it's fairly basic stuff but presented in a rational and engaging way. The course will last 6 weeks, you'll have to fill some assignments and you'll get a frequency certification at end if you pass the various tests. It's not too much time consuming, I've gone trough the first lesson videos and filled the quizzes in less than 2 hours.


Here's the syllabus of the whole course:


Lesson 1: Recording Signal Flow

Sound, Microphones, Cables, Microphone Preamp, A to D Converter, DAW, DSP, D to A converter, Amplifier, Speakers (path of speaker is same as waveshape in DAW)

Lesson 2: DAW (Editing)

Multitrack Concept, Audio vs. MIDI, Regions and Sound Files, File Management, Grid, Trim, Cut, Paste, Crossfade, Automate, Software Instruments, MIDI Editing, Bounce

Lesson 3: Mixer (Summing)

Adding Waveforms, Mute and Solo, Stereo and Mono, Panning, Busses, Submix, Insert, Categories of Effects, Sends, Pre/Post Sends, Aux Tracks/Returns

Lesson 4: Dynamics Processing

Dynamic Range, Distortion and Noise, Volume Automation, Envelope (RMS), Dynamic Processors, Attack and Release, Conceptual Downward Expander and Gate, Conceptual Compressor and Limiter, Practical Gate, Practical Compressor

Lesson 5: Delay and Filters

Conceptual Delay, Delay Spectrum, Filters, Equalization, Short Delay (Comb Filter), Short Modulated Delay (Flanger), Long Delay (Synchronized), Reverb, Depth in Mixing

Lesson 6: Synthesizer

Synthesizer and Sampler, Synthesizer Overview, Oscillator, Filter, Amplifier, Modulation, Envelope, LFO, A Language of Timbre



and here's the link:



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