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So I received my copy of Harvest Moon yesterday, finally - I'm done ordering from Tesco! (well they did say it was going to take a while, to be fair, as they don't normally have these kinds of items, as I was told, and I did yell a fair bit at the lady, too) - I did have the album on June 6th initially for a short period of time, but it was a mistake they made as I was sent a wrong version of the album on VYNIL (who even has a vynil player in 2012?!), and it appeared to be some kind of false edition, too, as the vynil-CD was blue and had some image of the bros carved into it (can vynil-recorders even display images?) - obviously I returned it.

So now that I did receive the correct version yesterday, I was surprised to find that the music was on a plain CD-r with no cover, but I like the minimalist tone they were headed for. The aluminium foil smelling of Peccorino the CD came in was a nice surprise compared to the usual shrinkwarp as well (Do you think Warp records is called Wrap records because of the shrink warp? I am only kidding!!)

Everything had been prepared & I was so excited when I was about to play the album on my Discman for the first time, unable to believe I was finally about to experience THE moment I had been waiting for for almost three months, ever since I got introduced to BoC after hearing Everything You Do Is A Balloon on an Ibiza Beach-House compilation in March. But this is when I encountered my first problemo: The CD wouldn't play! I didn't know what to do, even after figuring out I had put the disc in the wrong side up (which didn't take me that long), the CD wouldn't play. I was gonna ask on Twoism about it, if it wasn't for my banning. Luckily, when I eventually tried it in my PC, it worked! But here's another problemo: The files. I spent AGES trying to find a decent freeware tool to finally convert them to .M4r which I'm not sure was intended by BoC as part of the listening experience or not, but regardless, IF it was, my apologies for critiqueing them on it.

Anyway, this all took way longer than it should and my girlfriend wasn't even wet anymore at this point (that's what she told me, I didn't check) - normally I just show her the drawing I made of Mike & Marc to get her into the mood, but not even this would help yesterday! Well, after an intense argument and lots of crying on both sides, we decided on a compromise: I would get to listen to the album whilst sleeping with her, but she would press charges.

So I hit play and WOW was I blown away by the initial base kick on Gemini! It's a bit sad my gf couldn't listen in as I forgot to bring the two-way adaptor so I couldn't connect two sets of earphones (I couldn't share either cause my left one is broken), so she didn't get to listen to the music. I asked her whether it was okay to her as I was a bit worried, but she said it didn't matter at this point which I believed.

Now, about the music: I did write a track-by-track review, but that is in the Twoism tab that I still have open from before the banning, and I'm not going to type it again just to get it into this one.


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