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The Amorphous Androgynous - The Cartel

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has a very 1970s, exploitation vibe.


1. The Wasp
2. The Bug
3. Banksters
4. Regrets and Last Respects
5. The Chase
6. Hide and Speak
7. Loaded Silence (Part 1)
8. The Plaza Heist
9. Eyes and Ears to the Ground
10. The First Billion is the Hardest
11. Where Does the Evil Go When Evil Men Die?
12. Radio Breakdown
13. Taken Delivery
14. The Harry Limescale Theme
15. Down The Memory Hole
16. The Rat
17. Never Trust a Grass

Raven Bush - Violin
Peter Judge - Trumpet
Virgil Howe - Drums
Anthony Argiros - Guitar
Nat Steele - Vibraphone
John Dalton - Harp
Rainy Moor - Hammond
John Dalton (again?) - Saxophone and Flute
Kez Gunes - Bass
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wow thanks for posting this man -- AA's monstrous psychedelic bubble series are some of my favorite compiliations, this is a very welcome addition to that grooviness!

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Volume 2 is incoming as well:


1. Watching the Watcher

2. The Watcher

3. An Ocean of Regrets

4. Hombre Malo

5. The Visitor

6. Loaded Silence

7. Jah Skansters

8. 20 Years Behind Bars

9. The Killin' Spree (Theme From Harry Limescale)

10. 1,000,000 Stashed

11. Dead Vapours

12. Tap-Up

13. Billion Breaks

14. The Decision

15. Tunnel Sequence

16. Dead Man's Shadow

17. The Costa Rican Cartel

18. Cook The Books

19. Gun Runners

20. Some Time Later

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listening to vol. 1. i like some of it, and some of it is just incredibly loose arrangements- which i suppose is the psychedelic part promised on the front cover. these guys are obviously drawing inspirations from a very specific time in italian film music.


all in all, a pretty solid release. very curious how vol. 2 stacks up

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