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Post Visual Art That You Have Always Enjoyed Or That You Have Just Discovered

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https://publicdomainreview.org/essay/john-martin-and-the-theatre-of-subversion John Martin

Nikolai Lutohin, a Yugoslavia born Russian surrealist  

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Nikolai Lutohin, a Yugoslavia born Russian surrealist





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Came across his music last year (yeah, I live under a rock). Now checking out his artwork. It's pretty cool:

The second, black and white, image is from a book of his called The Art of Computer Designing that you can flip through in full on the Internet Archive (https://archive.org/details/satoArtOfComputerDesigning/page/n119/mode/2up).

osamu sato.jpg

osamu sato aocd.png

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Brent Wong




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this right here is exactly the kind of geogaddi stuff that fuzzes in front of my eyes when i'm half asleep:


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On 3/8/2021 at 10:36 AM, bronchuseven said:


Remedios Varo

I discovered her after reading about "Embroidering the Earth's Mantle" in The Crying of Lot 49


Edit:  This is the one


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spacer.png                         spacer.png                         spacer.png


"Scornful Man" (Grace Tumey 4/73) and "Stalagmitic Stagnation #1" (Grace Tumey 4/74)

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      So I spent the majority of last night (12am-5am) messing around with this thing. It's a programme based off of that deepdream thing google had awhile back. anyways it's free, you just sign up and upload an image and select a filter you want to use. I got some pretty cool ones, some not as interesting. in the time it took between uploads I was on here reading thru different threads, so I figured i'd share a bunch of them. As you all know by now, my favourite æ album is of course their best album, and that album, as we all know and can agree upon,   is Quaristice. So naturally I spent the most time with that one. I would have done more but I musste sleepen. If anyone feels like doing some of their other album covers, or even other cool covers, please post 'em up!
      Note that I always chose to keep the original colours when filtering.

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