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OMNI Magazine is back! Sort of...

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Some of you are probably too young to remember, but back in the late 70's early 80's there was an awesome science magazine called OMNI that really fueled the imaginations of many young (and not so young) readers with it's futuristic images, ideas, and presentation. Sadly, it died in the early 90's just as the internet began to take shape and thrive, but one man has bought all the assets and artwork from the Guccione estate and has revived it online in blog form:




Anybody remember OMNI?

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I remember buying these magazines just for the covers, now that im all grown up i love to read the articles on the OMNI archives. I wish i kept the magazines i bought.

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Yeah! I had a subscription to OMNI as a kid, it ruled. Of course my mom threw them all away. Which kind of stinks seeing as how this blog is selling original copies for 60$ plus. They had a weird publication schedule as I remember, you never knew when you were going to get one. Which might have contributed to their demise.

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