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Tim Exile - Harmuni EP


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sounds like a return to form, from then his last (disastrous!) album 'listening tree' for warp, (has he released anything since then?) . definitely some heavy minimal tech influences & vibes going on, which is no surprise as that is wat lesuire system is about


this sounds like it could b gd if anyone is in berlin --- http://www.leisuresystem.net/ls-19-berlin-berghain-5-jahre-leisure-system/

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Oh boy I love the sound of that preview. I actually got into him via the Listening Tree album - which actually I really like, it was nicely silly and playful, and Family Galaxy was blood lovely. But yeah, this sounds more like his pre-Listening Tree still which is definitely a good thing. I wonder why he had such a short tenure on Warp ?


The preview really reminds me of James Holden's The Idiots Are Winning -



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I wonder why he had such a short tenure on Warp ?



Because of listening tree lol, yr the 1st person i know who likes it




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Guest Ron Manager

I can see why some people wouldn't like Listening Tree, but I thought it was brilliant (title track... :music: ). Saw him live in Manchester around the time it came out, it was shitloads of fun.

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i feel like if he did another album like the 2nd one he did for Mu it would be fucking excellent. People didn't like that because it sounded like a pisstake but it's still a really unique conceptual electronic album. Id love to hear one a little less silly and 'idm stand up comedy' (if you know what i mean, anybody whos been to IDM shows in the mid 2000s knows of this tactic)

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So it looks like there's been a whole 180 from pyramidpanes saying I was the only one that liked the album, to him being the only one that hated the album.

HAHA , yeah lol, the whole album felt false in many ways compared to his first 2 albums, perhaps i didnt get the over cooked operatic vision of it, & it was also his terrible vocals that wer over bearing & killed it for me, gona try & give it a re-listen :( but rly like this new track grt simplicity to it

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I loved Listening Tree! Reminds me of Cardiacs or something, just in how wacky it is.


Id love to hear one a little less silly and 'idm stand up comedy' (if you know what i mean, anybody whos been to IDM shows in the mid 2000s knows of this tactic)

I like this too. I got so sick of early 2000s IDM shows with performers playing non-danceable music and not putting any 'performance' into it. Seeing Tim Exile live injected some well-needed awesomeness into my view of the scene; a performance that I could just as easily stand and appreciate as I could dance to.

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I just got this on I-tunes for 9euro fucking lol :wtf:
guess i'm the only idiot who's gonna do that but fuck it! It's worth it!

LOVED pro agonist, turned off by the underground breakcore album and the one with the depeche mode vocals

but man this one is MASSIVE! Tim exile rules!! :music:
hope for a full lenght in da future

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