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relationships vs. getting anything done

Guest skibby

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We don't live together and have separate interests, and she supports anything I want to do that is productive, so I've never felt that our relationship has been an obstacle to my dreams..


I feel like a much bigger threat is spending whole weekends hanging out with friends and drinking/doing fuck all


I also support vamos scorcho and his anti-porn tirade

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lol how did this turn into a discussion on atheism and porn?

LOL no shit.


Has anyone worked with their partner professionally? My girl is an amazing illustrator and I'm dabbling in writing again, so asked her to consider collaborating and doing the illustrations for some stuff. She's also a great researcher.

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Porn is destroying society and appeals to the lowest parts of th human mind. Zero respect for pornographers no matter how they dress their shit up and try to play it cool. Brb I suddenly need to watch Sasha grey get gang banged.


But seriously porn separates and devalues relations. Either we become a completely pornographic society open to disgusting group sex or we popularize the idea that porn is uncool and evil. Sinc morality keeps becoming less and less important be ause of cunt motherfucks like Dawkins and hitchens tricking fools into thinking atheism is a priori more intelligent than religion I guess it's better to embrace porn.


Maybe atheism is better I didn't need to bring that into this. All I know is that I don't see any atheists railing against porn. I see Christian groups and what that tells me is that religion isn't all bad. Forget it, porn is good. We need to bring back the law of the jungle and stop pretending romance is a thing that matters. The adventure of a relationship can only have less and less value as porn becomes more prevelant not only in the porn, but in entertainment on MTV and in music by ill Wayne, etc. it's all downhill until all images are replaced by gaping assholes. That will be the only remaining entertainment that can satisfy.

Religion doesn't equal moral behaviour, religions don't have a monopoly on morality. In fact throughout history in the name of religion the worst of human traits have been allowed free reign.

That may be true but I'm merely observing reality... that most atheists support porn on average and view it as free expression. Whereas religious people are concerned with the wide scope of how it will affect society. I'm merely observing what is actually going on. Religious people were probably ahead of the game here, seeing it as obscenity and noting how the more power is given to the idea of porn as "normal," the less closeness there is in human relations and the further society degenerates.


None of this would sound "cool" coming out of an atheist's mouth. Thus, even if it isn't even true, it wouldn't even be considered as a possibility. Because many atheists are more concerned about what's cool than what's right.


Of course I'm just noting trends, I'm not trying to say that atheism is stupid or wrong, I don't know much about it. I think this is just one of those examples that might possibly instill just a bit of doubt in the mind of a Dawkins, but like I said I don't know jack shit about it beyond what I see people saying on Facebook and TV.

The problem with porn isn't a moral one, it's a neurological one. It changes the way your brain regulates dopamine. Scrolling through hundreds of images/videos of nice asses gives you unnaturally high dopamine hits that are addictive. It's like being trained to only get off with escalating levels of arousal from images on your screen. Your sexual arousal is basically being hijacked and re-routed to a state that is unbalanced and not ideal. This can lead to sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, trouble interacting with others, and brain fog. Only temporarily, though. If you were to stop looking at porn for a month, you'd be surprised how good you feel and porn kind of loses its appeal. And sex will be AWESOME.


I'm an atheist, but I realized that porn is detrimental to the people in it and the people who watch it a lot. It dulls the senses.

Come on guys. It isn't that simple. You are drawing lines to dots that do not connect.

A year later but hey you don't have to take my word for it, read about it yourself.

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Yeah who does the music for porn these days? It's usually hip hop for black girls & a lot of dub steppy or crappy techno for everyone else. Do producers moonlight as porn musicians, or is there an entire secret subculture of porn music industry? Illuminati!

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Welcome to Bow Chicka Wow Inc


As the world's largest library of porn music, we can supply you with that perfect background mood for your steaming hot scene. We got it all, from classic wah-wah guitars to 5 second hip-hop loops.

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      So my current girlfriend is quite the Fomo type, and I just can't stand that aspect of her, she's also very competitive and is quite dominant. Loves to be in charge and plan everything. 
      She reckons she's super ambitious, but I don't see the fruits of that label, because she doesn't have anything to show for it, as in money or a house. 
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