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Phylum Sinter - Escape Key

Guest lysdexic

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Guest lysdexic

1. Phylum Sinter - Wisercracker [hopsk026] 3.05 // 83.0 BPM

2. Phylum Sinter - Venus Please [hopsk026] 4.00 // 111.0 BPM

3. Phylum Sinter - Elron [hopsk026] 4.44 // 162.0 BPM

4. Phylum Sinter - Bubbler [hopsk026] 3.44 // 103.0 BPM

5. Phylum Sinter - Thats Not Acid [hopsk026] 3.36 // 136.0 BPM

6. Phylum Sinter - Esskay Dirty [hopsk026] 3.45 // 96 BPM

7. Phylum Sinter - Crescendiola [hopsk026] 4.36 // 98.0 BPM

8. Phylum Sinter - Quantum Probability Lattice [hopsk026] 4.22 // 110.0 BPM

9. Phylum Sinter - Put It On Me [bonus Track // Free Download] 3.14 // 126.0 BPM

Phylum Sinter is the pseudonym of Detroit-Based experimental electronic musician Christopher Todd. Inside, the audience is encouraged to engage and react — as this is the very definition of Phylum Sinter: a species intended to be used as fuel, compressed and sintered into the listener’s being. On the surface, one can expect a blend of glitch-beats, custom DSP fiddling, classically-slanted melodies, and the occasional pop hook.

[c.todd] has been exploring the connection between sound and imagery since 2001, and has contributed tracks to many compilations, various free EP’s through his official page, netlabels, and various small press labels. He has described the process of writing “one of endless revision, expansion and recursion on all levels of my self”.

Released by: hopskotch Records

Release/catalogue number: hopsk026

Release date: Sep 9, 2013

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