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random drugged out theory about trackermatte

Guest skibby

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Guest skibby

drunk theories about trackermatte's music:


1) nephew of rdj

2) produced by rdj (collab with)

3) maniacal and unashamed emulation of rdj

4) the fabled unreleased albums of rdj (and some squarepusher just for good measure)


and the least likely


5) sounds like rdj completely by accident




whatever it is, i think triachus knows something.



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Dude probably started out doing 3, and ended up as


6) similar to rdj because the guy behind the moniker started out emulating the afx sound, but now has ideas of his own.

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i have absolutely no pretentions about my music.

i just make it, i don't care what or who it sounds like.

i wouldn't deliberately go out of my way to make it sound unique or quirky.

since i'm not trying to have a career i lack the incentive to pretend.

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The drums aren't very rdj. No filtering, no nuffing. Some of the synths are though. nwae, sounds like someone doing their own thing, with occassional nods to.


/closes thread. It should have been in the music discussion forum anyway.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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