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ACPR022 : Rory St John - Astroakoustic


01 Astroakoustic One
02 Astroakoustic Two
03 Astroakoustic Three
04 Astroakoustic Three remixed by Christoph de Babalon
05 Astroakoustic Three remixed by Diasiva (aka Monolog and Swarm Intelligence)
06 Astroakoustic Two remixed by Duran Duran Duran


A new, fairly unclassifiable EP from Rory St John. His 1st release on Acroplane Recordings.


Features heavyweight remixes from Christoph de Babalon, Duran Duran Duran and Diasiva (aka Swarm Intelligence and Berlin veteran Monolog).

Listen and buy from our own store.


Alternative store links can be found below..


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    • Guest splagawaga
      By Guest splagawaga
      acroplane.org asked me about 6months ago if i wanted to do an ep. we decided on dec 1st and then i didnt think much more deeply about it until a week ago. i wanted to wait til the last minute before picking the tunes in case i wrote anything worthwile before the release. so this week i started picking tracks and i couldnt resist putting as much music on there as possible. so instead of a 4/5 track ep its become an 11 track lp. i tried to get it to flow so it was listenable as one solid piece of music rather than just isolated tracks. musically its all quite similarly paced, sitting somewhere between dub acid and jungle with plenty of bass. its nice to finally have picked out some tunes to present properly to people rather than the usual method of just giving random bundles of tunes bit by bit. i hope people enjoy it as much as i do.
    • By samfez
      Pre-orders of the new album from Christoph de Babalon are available now from Love Love Records: http://tinyurl.com/q6nrhrb! Listen to album opener ‘Barely You’ for a taste:  
      Release date: November, Friday 13th

      With a career spanning over two decades, Christoph De Babalon has consistently created music that stands apart from contemporaneous trends. Early 12”s such as ‘Destroy Berlin!’ on Alec Empire’s Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) and ‘We Declare War’ on his own Cross Fader Enter Tainment (CFET) outlet first presented his cathartic brand of noise-orientated drum & bass and his isolationist tendencies, with extensive support from the late John Peel and Thom Yorke helping Christoph achieve somewhat of an outsider-status. More recently his ability to remain separated from specific spheres of influence has allowed him to deliver uncompromising releases like the mutated conceptual album ‘Scylla & Charybdis’, as well as his diverse 2012 album ‘A Bond With Sorrow’ on Tigerbeat6, marking a departure from the chaotic flurries he was perhaps previously more known for.
      ‘Short Eternities’ sees Christoph once again exploring the abrasive nature of his earlier work whilst maintaining throughout the album a level of measured assuredness not often seen in this area of music. Album opener ‘Barely You’ serves as a powerful message of intent interlacing a fractured drum break with tense horror tones, whereas detailed ambient atmospheres such as those in ‘Wait For Me’ and ‘It’s Returning’ alongside the hypnotic rumblings of ‘Home is Here’ and ‘Bad Dreamer’ break apart the extremities of the album, providing an opiated atmosphere within which the album swims around. This cinematic presentation allows for a far greater impact when the climactic ‘Haunting Past’ finally hits home with its finely-tuned blend of jarring distortion and moody surroundings, followed hastily by the twisted drum breaks and writhing bass-line of ‘Fairreality’. Christoph touches upon a rich shadowy darkness akin to a handful of contemporaries such as Demdike Stare and Vatican Shadow but with a vigour that captures the anarchic spirit of early breakcore. It is the explorative and ritualistic nature of his method, combining paradoxical feelings of euphoria, introversion and explosive aggression, which truly makes Christoph’s music so compelling.
    • By samfez

      On the day it all began in 1923… Dress as rave variations of classic characters e.g. Mickey Acid Mouse, Bangbi, Spinderella, Peter Bang, Mary Poppin' ;)

      KJ Sawka
      Micky Finn
      Technical Itch
      Uncle Dugs
      Duran Duran Duran
      DJ Smurf
      Abba Gabba
      Dave Skywalker
      Saint Acid & The Bang Face Hard Crew
      Plus more TBA :)

      10pm - 6am / Friday 16 October 2015
      @ Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ

      eTickets now live > £15 only from bangface.com
      (no booking fees on bank transfers)

      Spread the hype >
    • By samfez
      Hey guys, thought I'd post our new Japanese sampler CD in here. There will be limited copies available from our store. It is released this Monday, May 4th and comes with free digitals. You can pre-order it from www.loveloverecords.net
      Previews of the whole release can be heard here:

      The exclusive track Murder Sound [Landen Massive] by 'whitelabel' can be listened to in it's entirety here: https://youtu.be/ZBpZw4WMW5I

      Tracklist: Scrase - Flyover (MNLTH Remix) Lakker - Deathmask Beatwife - All My Friends dLUDEd - Autumn – Light Edit Missqulater - High Leaper Scrase - Alopog FFF - Schemin' Christoph De Babalon - It's Returning Beastmaster - The Iron Pig HVAD - Angst whitelabel - Murder Sound [Landen Massive] TAFKAS - Duvet Anklepants - Mammalian-Baby falcors flight to rejuvenation Josh Hutton - Darkly Darkly Little Star  
      Love Love Recordsは、エレクトロニック・ミュージックに留まらず、非エレクトロニック・ミュージックまでをも包括する、強烈でユニークな音楽を発信している イギリスを拠点としたインデペンデントレーベルであり、ワールドワイドに活動しているレーベルである。このCDは、彼らLove Love Recordsが世に発表した過去4年間のセレクションであり、あらゆるフォーマットでリリースした中から珠玉の曲達をコンパイルしたバラエティ豊かな内 容になっています。


      Love Love Records is an independent UK based international record label that covers a wide range of electronic and non-electronic music, but often with a strong and unique sound. Contained on this CD is a
      selection of our output over the last four years, with a variety of
      tracks taken from all formats of our releases - including 2 brand new tracks from Scrase and whitelabel that are exclusive to this release.

    • By acroplane
      Available from Monday 19th September via The Acroplane Store, Bleep, Boomkat, Juno etc..
      Check out some clips on our soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/acroplane
      If anyone is interested in reviewing this for us, get in touch with some info about you and your publication, website or whatever : [email protected]
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