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Being sober, snapping out of your trend trance and realizing how shitty IDM actually is


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(while on acid)

11 hours ago, dr lopez said:
On 9/5/2013 at 7:34 PM, Salvatorin said:

this is the weakest piece of shit troll thread ever. you guys don't know nothing about trolling. y'all are actually apologizing for posting kooky wacko stuff. everyone needs to read the rules 20 times. SMH

I just biked in to say everyone needs to get jazzb8, jot it down, smoke a pipe in a space helmet, drink some fucking ice water with ice, hand out in secrete, do a backflip on a spike, carry a ghost up a mountain, grow a baobab out of their head, masturbate their penis, get fucked by essines' beard, eat a batcock, come stupid hard, bust through drywall, have a 14" sweatpants boner, burlap, be quite vomiting at some tracks, nigh-yeet, dog that, figure out what kind of cat is that?, tetris on cellphone at dinner table, discover whether that facility near montauk has something to do with it, explode an atomic bomb in the sea even though it might cause a chain reaction and destroy the world but do it anyway, and all you cunts better do it for the rush, the adaptation, and the general backwardness of the act.


everyone is banned.

*smokes cigarette*

edit: last post

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*with tears streaming down face* jots it down


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Honestly, this sounds like a dopamine issue. Marijuana increases dopamine acutely, but downregulates receptors in the long run. After chronic use, stopping can affect your enjoyment of a lot of things. 

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Lol this is the typical guy who only can handle Aphex Selected Ambient Works and Petshop Boys. 

I know many of these type of persons.. Relax mate.. Go listen to some delphine songs and eat your anti depressant pills you fucking cunt.


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