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Syria Crisis: Vladimir Putin's Letter To America

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The real weapons are those supersweet weather manipulation HAARP arrays. That's the future.


^^this is probably a joke^^ but just to make sure, I have visited that facility and it is not anything other than a formerly over-funded ionospheric research station. It was shut down in 2013 due to budget concerns and now operation has been transferred to the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where I study. I've talked to people who work there. yeah...uh it's not a weapon.


Anyhow, carry on.

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wow, so much ridiculous nonsense in there it's hard to know where to start... so I'm not going to bother.


lol really, that's the line you're going for. It just helps further legitimize my post, thanks. ;-]



your post contains a handful of facts, a sprinkling of lies, and a large pinch of unsubstantiated rumour, all stitched together to back up a pre-existing paranoid delusion of a narrative (conveniently ignoring all the other facts that don't agree with said narrative). I love the way you think you can discern the unadulterated truth of the universe just by watching a bunch of youtube videos and disbelieving everything reported by the 'mainstream' media. lol.



tell me something that i lied about mate, you can't because if i had to i could back it up with hundreds of articles. But as i said in the other thread, what is the point, people have the internet. I don't understand the motivation for your response though, you don't have a dog in this fight, you're not working for the US war machine are you ? .. You're not an israeli or turkish citizen looking to increase your territory are you. You should be on the side of stopping crazy wars, and funding terrorist mercenaries, you should be for peace. Why are you defending these maniacs through the most vague of sullying tactics. "he's wrong but on what point, i cannot say, but believe, there's something suspicious about that peacenik".

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I'm not saying you lied, I'm saying your post contained lies, originated by others, swallowed by you as truth. I'm not getting into a point by point debate on this though, they are usually pointless and tedious, and it's late on this side of the planet.


I do have a dog in this fight btw, it's called world peace, unfortunately it's a fairly intractable problem, and the naive manichean views that seem all too common in the world these days aren't helping (this is an apolitical problem, as much a problem with the left as it is with conservatives, with libertarians and socialists, pro-skub and anti-skub).


Posting InfoWars content, amazing, keep it up.

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We have an US run haarp array in western australia, and it's active still. You can tell when it's on cause it does stuff to the signal from the weather radars.


The Exmouth one? Not HAARP. That's a US Navy VLF communications site: those broadcast messages to submarines so they don't have to surface to receive transmissions. It's something they developed during the cold war so they could talk to nuclear subs without the Soviets listening in. It's 1 megawatt which is a lot and why it messes with weather radars. That's not unusual at all. Hell you can often hear radars affect your radio if you're around certain high powered ones at air bases or airports.


It's also a future space surveillance site. There used to be a couple others ones in Australia at Pine Gap and Nurrungar but they both closed.

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This deal between Turkey and Russia does seem botched. At this point I don't think I can trust any side of the argument.


Found this quote at Bellingcat with some stuff which looks factual

According to Turkey the air craft crossed about 4 km of Turkish air space. The border at this place looks like a sharp appendix advanced into Syrian territory.


With the speed about 1000km/h the plane supposedly crossed it for 4/1000*60*60=14 sec, being allegedly warned 10 times.

According to Russia the plane was hit already at Syrian territory. The crash itself obviously was at Syrian side.


That happened immediately after a kind of coalition of Russia with France has hinted. After Russia and U.S. have came to a kind of agreement to prevent air incidents over Syria. After recent agreements on Irans gas in Tegeran.

What I wonder, who are those Syrian Turkmenians, living in that vicinity, according to turkey – peaceful villages, according to Russia – terrorists with a lot of them originally came from Russia and are able to return. Those nice and peaceful people can be seen at the video kindly provided by bellingcat.

Probably those areas in north Latakia are also where the supply paths from turkey and SA to Syrian armed groups are laying. ISIS is also known to trade oil via Turkey.

Turkey has called NATO conseal as if Turkish plane was shot. Will see the reaction of other countries officials…


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Is this the same Bellingcat who did "analysis" on the satellite images provided by Russia after MH17?

aka this guy?




just sayin' - might not be the most reliable source other than salt

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