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Guest 30equals

I'd love to get a look at that (presumably) javascript they are using. My graphics technology prof wants us to find examples of responsive website design and this would be cool to show.


but it has nothing to do with responsive design ?

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Guest jasondonervan



Is this it?

Whoa! Lol, that could be it. It would be funny if after they had a cover with encoded numbers imbedded in it, the follow up EP looked to use the same system but instead it turns out all you have to do is squint.


Actually you can also read "exai" in Exai's cover. But yeah, this one looks pretty obvious, just look the large "___" before the E.





We did it, guys! :beer:

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First they reposted bullshit powerpoint jokes or emotional shite via mail, then they used social media aka facebook etc.for reposting the same shite, then smartphones. My relatives spam me with the old crap. Also, that very old crap like pictures of guys torturing puppies etc.

With every new media the modern dead content hunting society reposts crap.



Many people seem to be unemployed or have no life, or no familiy and prefer to waste their time with bullshit crap.


ANDThey do not know about the holy grAel. Or Shosta .




Who in THE FUCK takes the time to make a GIF out of something like this? Who has/takes the time to make this to begin with. Fucking Internets, I tell ya.


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