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Qatarsis - Cold Aesthetics


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Hey Guys

I'd like to share my track 'Cold Aesthetics' with you and really want to know what you think about it. It reflects a certain mood i was going for quite well, which makes it a more personal piece for me.
anyway - I appreciate any kind of suggestions, critics and feedback of course :)
i hope you enjoy what you hear, and thanks for taking time



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This is great! Really liking the melody. I just wish there was a bit more variation and more details/sound effects here and there.

I also kind of wish that the kick got a tiny bit louder over the course of the track because it kinda drowns in all the layers near the end.


Hm, I think a slow arpeggiator (1/8 or maybe even 1/16) that goes up and down would be really cool.

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That's a super track indeed. I wasn't sure when I first heard this main synth, it sounds kinda easy in the beginning but as soon as the other instruments progressively come in it takes more sense melodically and the whole really does its magic (so yeah I guess I would have try to work on this main synth sound a little bit more although I think it's ok together with the other instruments). I particularly love the sound of the voice-like pads. I agree with Squee with the kick but it really should be a tiny bit because I find it works well when it's far in the background.


apart from that i'm listening to another ambient track of yours and I'm digging ! keep busy

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Dark tune. I like it when the Vox bit comes in as it uplifts it a bit and doesn't make it so dark. Been nice to have heard a big fat industrial style snare in the mix to top it off. Nice piece.

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@Squee: thanks alot man :) yeah, i understand what you mean, there's a lack of variation indeed, i thought about maybe some kind of contrast, a vocal sample or your idea with that slow arpeggiator is also interesting, i'll see what i can do!
anyway - thanks for taking time !

@th555: thanks dude, glad that you like it :)

@antape: now that you've mentioned it, i feel nearly the same. you're quite right, i started with that 'main-synth' in combination with those other colder strings that come in later. all together, they sound quite good i think, but when listening to the synth at the beginning, without the strings, it really sounds not that good. it's the combination indeed. i'll see when i get time to fix that. the voice-like pad is my voice recorded with a mic and then manipulated, thats also my favorit 'instrument' playing in this track :)
when i get some time (quite busy atm) i'll work on it.
listened to your stuff aswell and i quite like that, too

@Thebro: thanks man, much appreciated

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