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hiya guys, i've just become super motivated and have decided to try and make some headroom on this.


can i please get some volunteers to contact me if they are interested in doing a (maxmum) one hour mix for the podcast series.


it can be on anything electronic musicy you like, mixed together or not if that's not feasable, talking or no talking.



PS it would be nice to have WATMMers music in it so i'm going to make that a rule, you must have a few WATMMer tracks in it.

(this could even be your own but only a maximum of one or two of your own)

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aren't there enough mixes on soundcloud for people to listen to? and with all those watmm music compilations, I think having another outlet for music on the forum is a bit 'more of the same'.

There is also the YLC forum - there's just too much music stuff and no outlet for speaking on various topics whether it be political, philosophical, or even comedy. And I know there are some people here with interesting opinions on this messageboard (who also have interesting backgrounds) - I'd like to hear some kind of talking podcast about a wide range of subjects.


For example, you could have a podcast where, once a week or once a month, the most popular general banter thread topics are discussed by a panel.

That's not me putting myself forward as a panel member - I don't have the right voice for a podcast. But maybe some other people here have more confidence with this sort of thing?

There could also be funny topics discussed as well.

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unless you mean from the featured artists, no there isn't that much mixes on soundcloud in this particular genre. besides that's irrelevant.


this is a music forum, although many people have similar tastes on here i think (like with the plug dj stuff) it's nice to get everyone's unique perspective.


i never listen to talking podcasts so i have no interest in helping to put one together, plus i read plenty of that kind of stuff tbh.


if no one wants to do it that's fine. just thought it would be incredibly simple to put together and some people might enjoy it.

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yes it's a music forum, but you're posting your interest in a music podcast in general banter where politics/funny stuff/random discussions take place


but in all honesty there would probably be more interest in your idea than mine :biggrin:

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i guess it's all pretty much dependant to how much time people have to put stuff together. it would only be a monthly thing though.


perhaps people already have a mix that they would like to put forward? i'd be interested to hear whatever anyone has.


i guess the main idea for me is so that people can find new and interesting music in collections curated by their peers.


(a tracklisting to accompany the mixes is a must)

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For example, you could have a podcast where, once a week or once a month, the most popular general banter thread topics are discussed by a panel.


Please construct a prototype of this idea. It could easily be meme fodder for the next 5 or so years.


I want to hear a panel weighing in on the the opinions Joyrex & Rubin Farr have on the games they've recently played.

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a watmm podcast should be largely song mix. some talking segments would distinguish it from being a mix in the mix sub-forum.


i have a good idea for a segment. my android phone's voice recorder allows me to turn it on then put the screen to sleep. next time i'm in an annoying argument i want to record it, but i dont know when that will be, so maybe some of you could contribute. heated family or relationship arguments especially. set your phone on a table and let it capture the whole glorious thing, then the watmmcast panel will break it down!

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