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Oberman Knocks - Wrec Byte Quarters EP


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"Aperture Records is excited to welcome back Oberman Knocks with a brand new four track EP: Wrecque Byte Quarters. This EP hits you with shards of metallic sounds, broken fragments and abandoned beats. Dwelling on the darker side as always, but with an almost bleaker perspective, Knocks continues to show a desire to go beyond the realms of the norm, remaining obscure in a delirious fashion. Never an easy listen, but certainly rewarding, 'Wrecque Byte Quarters' reignites a genre that has been too close to dormant for far too long."


listen http://www.digital-tunes.net/releases/wrecque_byte_quarters_ep

aperture http://www.aperturerecords.com

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This guy just rocks. I recently found out how brilliant he is and bought all his stuff from Aperture. I like 13th smallest very much. Dark and scattered IDM, I see him half way between Chris Douglas and Ae. Of course this is just not the truth, but a hint. His stuff probably also works in a Gothic fans environment, but hey, he's ours.

His stuff is on Bleep as well. Oh, Bleep pricing for digital goods is heavy I think. They should learn from Steam how it works.

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Just listened to the samples for 13th Smallest. Is the actual album that gritty/clipped/super-stereoed-out sounding? Those aspects of the samples are distracting, despite the tunes sounding mostly interesting.

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Just listened to the samples for 13th Smallest. Is the actual album that gritty/clipped/super-stereoed-out sounding?

Super-Stereo: yes. Clipped? Don't know currently, do not hear it and I'm not at my rig with the original flacs... But IIRC when I replaygained the tracks every track was the loudest one, i.e. they were all at full loudness level so yes, suspicious of clipping. But I do not hear typical clipping artifacts (and don't want to). As in worst example: Björk-Homogenic, ugh.

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