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DeLyria - Ported

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01. Semicircle
02. Sixfifteen
03. Grasp
04. Sprockets
05. Incidental 2
06. Psych Terrain
07. Internal Review
08. Overtrax
09. Temp Wash (Incidental 3)
10. Point of Impact
11. Incidental 4
12. Semicircle 2
13. I Can Finally Rest
Created over the course of more than two years and while living in three different cities across the country, this album brings together a wide variety of sounds and styles ranging from the subtle to the hyperactive. Using a deep love of both natural and synthesized sounds, it will take you through an exploration music leaving you either ready to relax, or ready to get down. From the funky beats of Sixfifteen, to the meditative Incidental 4, to the frantic explosions of Point of Impact, this album is sure to leave you aurally satisfied.


released 01 October 2013

All music written, recorded, mixed, and produced by DeLyria.


Free music for all you lovely WATMMers. And whoever else. I hope you think it's quite good. Cheers!

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Thanks for checking this out, those that did. I hope you enjoyed at least some of it!

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