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Simon Pyke - Universal Everything & You


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October 2013 - Warp Records - WAP360



01. Universal Everything & You (20:20)


A 20 minute extended version of the soundtrack to the installation Universal Everything & You - Drawing In Motion. Available in 4 different prints of deluxe 305 x 305mm prints taken from the installation, printed full colour on 215gsm Chromolux..


more info





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This is a pretty sweet release. The print is lovely (I got the purple and blue swirl with the orange arm one, the third one down on the list of JPEGs above), but the screen print on the blank side is weird and cool. A bit pricey for an EP, but it's a thing of beauty and the tune is quality. Science museum art + classic-era Warp style music = one happy customer here, at least.


I would love for more music/artwork like this to be released on Warp.

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