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Aleksi Perälä - The Colundi Sequence

Herr Jan

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ap musik presents
'the colundi sequence'
by aleksi perälä
4x album & single release!
1) the colundi sequence level 1 (24 bit / 96 khz / *.wav data)
2) the colundi sequence level 2 (24 bit / 96 khz / *.wav data)
3) mental union vol. 4 (16 bit / 44.1 khz / audio cd)
4) ovuca bonus (16 bit / 44.1 khz / audio cd)
= 51 tracks, >4 hours duration
£20 + p&p via paypal
also available:-
5) the colundi sequence level 3 (clear 12” vinyl, half-speed mastering)
£9 + p&p via paypal
exclusive 300 limited edition

reserve your copies now! coming very soon!

“an alchemy of traditional/mystical/mathematical/physical/spiritual/emotional/psychological frequencies”



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And in context in what this is all about, reread Grant's facebook post when he announced Mental Union 3. It's obvious from both these statements that these "colundi sequence" albums will be more abstract sound experiments (see above, the first 2 albums are hinted as .wav data, the other 2 as audio cd's...)

Grant´s post:


"Following up from one of the most underrated albums of 2012 (i.m.o.), this is the first of 3 scheduled albums from new imprint AP Musik that begin to explore a phenomenon known as “The Colundi Sequence”; a series of mathematically-related and non-related and specifically resonant microtones that, in experiments, appear to conjure magical physical & psychological phenomena, synchronicity, unity. As the series progresses, proof and effects of the results should become apparent but for this volume, we are offered a carefully crafted introduction, to use as positive personal therapy and communal entertainment. The music is both natural and electrical, with an emphasis on sine waves of different frequencies, amplitudes and phase to demonstrate Colundi Level 1 to the listener, whatever the shape of one’s ear and one’s ability to hear may be. To give much more description of the meaning of sequence might be counterproductive at this stage; just have a listen! The very personal nature of the music is evident throughout. It is deep soundscape that draws you in to a different world; an intriguing symmetry of other dimensions. It is the result of systematic hertz experiments, a listening experience that is a coherent image from an unusual world that we momentarily enter. It is full of ingenuity and distinctly inspirational. AP Musik is manufacturing APMU4 now for release as soon as possible for those who will share our addiction to the theory; which employs elements and findings from a variety of scientific/philosophical sources. N.B. This ‘Ap’ is currently unavailable from iTunes, although it has been partially developed via Apple. A totally lush album, available very soon."

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Guest cult fiction

fckin hell.


AP3 was good... but really only a feeew tracks i came back to. Bench was the best

I thought AP3 was really limp compared to MU1 and his earlier work. My least favorite of the rephlex releases this year by a large margin. Still looking forward to this though. More experimental sounds good, aleksi can craft some really unusual and beautiful sounds when he tries.

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Check http://ovuca.com/ for full preview tracks on youtube!




Sweeeeeeeeeet. Sounding good. This ones fav so far.. cant wait til theyre all released.



I wonder if there's any significance in the song titles

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Guest bitroast

this stuff sounds incredible.

i actually cannot wait to get all this.


( i sort of wish all 3 were being released on vinyl. )

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Guest bitroast

it almost sounds like a sort of spiritual successor to SAW2.

it seems to hone in on the same moods and creates similar environments. with a different ear for melody and beats.


it sounds awesome.

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