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FACT Magazine Top 50 Aphex Twin tracks of all time


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Yellow Calx should be the highest ranked RDJ album track, not the lowest.


Mostly though, the list reminded me of the fact that the SAWs and AB3 are still untouchable in my mind. CAT 00897-AA1 ranked 46 and losing to Mr Frosty, oh the humanity.

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No lichen on the list, I demand a trial.


But I guess RDJ has so many songs if I were to list 50 I'd miss gems.


Lichen is the 2nd highest ranked track on the list.


More importantly though, where is matchsticks?

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thought I'd do my own


1 vordhosbhn

2 rhubarb

3 ziggomatic 17

4 rushup i bank 12

5 Mt Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount

6 alberto balsalm

7 flim


9 matchsticks

10 Hy a Scullyas Lyf a Dhagrow


11 yellow calx

12 hangable auto bulb

13 Bbydhyonchord

14 Cock/'Ver10

15 Avril 14th

16 blue calx

17 laughable butane bob

18 lichen

19 4

20 Kesson Daslef


21 cliffs

22 Peek 824545201

23 parallel stripes

24 quino-phec

25 grass

26 logan rock witch

27 Omgyjya-Switch7

28 arched maid via rdj

29 the waxen pith

30 hankie


33 acrid avid jam shred

31 Z Twig

32 every day

33 goodbye rute

34 On

35 next heap with

36 btoum-roumada

37 tha

38 bucephalus bouncing ball

39 54 Cymru Beats

40 synthacon 9


41 QKThr

42 Petiatil Cx Htdui

43 white blur 2

44 gwarek 2

45 pancake lizard

46 ventolin

47 Fingerbib

48 Nannou

49 Donkey Rhubarb

50 polynomial-c

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Even though I despise 'the best of all time' lists as sheer puke. I'm just happy to read about Aphex Twin on another website than this. Okay this top 50 is way off my top 50, AB1 I'd have top 3, but apart from that... I couldn't care less on this journo's opinion. But I'm glad none the less just to see his name and some words on him.

They mention WATMM...

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this list is pretty random





also, Stone in Focus would be in the top 10 if the writer knew the use.. pretty stupid list. Actually a bottom 50 would be funnier. Who's up for it? I'll put in Didgeridoo, be honest it's kind of garbage.

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There are a few on this list that would be on my own, but lol at the #1 best all time Aphex track. Pretty sure they just closed their eyes and pointed at a track title for that one. Fact.


And now I feel compelled to go through the AFX discog once again --been a while. Goodbye all other music for the next two weeks...

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Still for me the best AphexTwin track is 4. 4 is the track of the century.


"4" is the first Aphex Twin song I listened to, so it's a special track for me. I had bought a used copy of RDJ album from a half-price books after a friend recommended him. I remember being on a road trip and listening to it on headphones. That said, I swear I saw the video for "On" as a kid on MTV or even Nickelodeon (they used to air long bumps during cartoons and commercials).

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top of the pops lists have no place with Aphex fans, but its still good fun to read someone elses opinion and take pot shots at it! all good fun


at least you can argue about a top 50 lol, and how many artists can you do that with? very fucking few.


at least this list makes you think about how much Richard has released, we may complain about 'no new album' but truth be told he has already given us plenty.


nobody can fuck with Aphex, nobody. he's the fucking king.


and i'm rather rat-arsed



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