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Full Screen Mario... in HTML5!


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I've just had an email from Nintendo, and they're "really pissed" that you're linking this on WATMM.


anyone caught linking this site in here will be put on the naughty list















on a serious note, I wonder how long it will last? Surely Nintendo will smack this down pretty quick?

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cool find. too bad i don't have chrome. reminds me of this super mario crossover game where you can pick various characters. looking at it now it's been changed a lot since the last time i seen it.

then theres abobo's big adventure. i think these remix type things are pretty cool when they are done well. it's always kind of amazed me that nintendo themselves haven't took to 'remixing' their old roms and releasing those like on the wii store dealy. like they could've added new maps to super mario kart, new levels to mario games, etc etc etc etc, and in some cases they could just license rom hacks that have been made in the community already, besides having teams of their own people doing their own.

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