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Chill Number [90s idm]


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Chill Number


This is a track and goofy video for sports / animals fans I made as Coolio Franco. I am pretty new to the board so you can imagine I was, uh, slightly embarrassed when I saw the thread about terrible band names. In my defense, it was my championship fantasy baseball team name back in 2005 so, well, there's that. I can't imagine there are lot folks from UK familiar with veteran-great Julio Franco.


Anyway, I'm going for a relaxed 90s indie idm thing (Ultramarine, etc.). This track doesn't have too much 303/909 stuff but that's where I typically like to be. Also, I like to have some simple vocals-- in this case the song is about my wife getting me to appreciate the beach :)


Maybe I'm getting too ahead of myself, but I would love to find a home for my stuff-- maybe an opportunity to put a track or two on vinyl. If you have any suggestions in that area I'd love to hear them. As always, constructive criticism is always appreciated.


I think this track is my most enjoyable. My sig is a link to more of my stuff.

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