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Would you leave your country and why?


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Spent long periods with of time away from the UK (including 3 years in Australia) but always happy to go home. I like England though I don’t like how crowded it has become, a lot of quiet places I knew as a kid are just heaving with people nowadays. It’s become a rat race. That aside it’s alright. 

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6 hours ago, Thu Zaw said:

Other people are very patient, and appreciate that I'm making the effort. I've met other anglophones living in France who don't try to learn. I can't imagine that easy for them.

When I go on holiday to Greece people always give us free sides at restaurants because they appreciate us having taken the time to learn some basic Greek so we can interact with people politely and respectfully in their own country. I imagine they appreciate you not being a typical English-speaking person with the "if I point rudely and shout really loud in English then they'll understand me" mindset 😂

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