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Autechre - Kalpol Introl (live 1994)


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I have a hunch that this and the "Live at Stormy Waters" track from around the same period - both of which are :music::wtf::sorcerer: awesome - were leaked from the same (presumably inside) source.


Where is this Live at Stormy Waters track? Presuming it's okay to link to it...


But yes, this live version of Kalpol Introl is sweet. The original is of course great, but damn this opens up that track in ways I wouldn't have imagined possible. That switch halfway through is just killer.

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Yes, thanks for reupping it! Good stuff, don't think I've heard this before. I'm not sure it's better than the Kalpol Introl live version but it's plenty good. Love those long live tracks from the 90's period, this seems to be one of the earliest of those I've heard. Solid though.

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Did AeFX ever confirm how, or where, he got this? I'm imagining there is a treasure chest of soundboard recordings out there ... somewhere ... (most likely Rob and/or Sean's cloud backup).


As I've said earlier, it was anonymously posted on xltronic.com first from where I reuploaded it to ge.tt

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Yeah, I've got this, then Stormy Waters, then Oval Moon as a playlist on my ipod.


def need more tracks to make the playlist LP length.


Sean pls

+ the john peel meltdown track fits in good



How have I never heard this?




Also, wasn't there a 3rd Peel session? Or did I dream that?

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^ Cant remember which thread it was originally posted in so reupped :cisfor:




TBQH IMHO it's just as good as the live Karpool Intro, albeit a completely different beast entirely.


The link is dead :-(



http://ge.tt/4LFF7KB2/v/0 Live at Stormy Water(s)

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