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I kind of like the first one you posted though. It reminds me of one of those folded drawings where you don't see what the first person drew and you continue the drawing. Know what I mean? Somebody drew the roof, then someone drew the second floor and then somone drew the first floor, without having any idea how the rest of the building looked.

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I think they look awesome, in a post-modernist kind of way. You don't see postmodern anymore on houses, logically, so it's important to keep them part of our architectural history (1970-1990). Tacky doesn't mean ugly necessary.

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and i have a garden and no neighbours that can hear our shit

But don't you live right next to a forest that is used as a gay dogging site?


Can you hear them sometimes?


no i have 5.1 speakers

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Dude, people pay hella big bucks for architects to come up with stuff like that for their new modern home in gentrified neighborhoods here in Austin. Except it's way less funky and more IKEA-y: http://austinmodernliving.com/agave-austin-nine-sixty-nine-969-modern-homes.php


I kind of like these, you don't see such 60s, 70s, and 80s homes like that in Texas: some existed but most of them were torn down and replaced.

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Guest cult fiction

I would love to see these houses around. I hate cookie cutter houses. I'd rather look at an aesthetically offensive house with a wild design than an aesthetically inoffensive house that looks like every other house on the block.


THIS is what an ugly house looks like:




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