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Lassigue Bendthaus - Matter

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AtomTM just started his own AtomTM Archive label to re-release his back catalogue.


First out is his Lassigue Bendthaus - Matter album from 1991. Pretty interesting work music wise, even though I don't like the EBM vocals.





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This guy has too many alias's. I've only got his atom heart stuff and i fucking love morphogenetic fields. Does he have any albums similar to this? deep ambient ye


edit: just checked his discography. over 200 releases what the fuck!? http://www.atom-tm.com/portada.php?menu=DISCOGRAPHY&view=DISCOGRAPHY

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Yeah, I reckon there is good stuff and negligible stuff to be found within these 200 releases. I never really got into his stuff when I came across it in the mid-90s. Don't know really why, but it never really clicked with me. Though I am looking forward to his re-releases. Maybe there is stuff to reconsider after 15 years.

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