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Autechre remix Oberman Knocks


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echo $1
echo $url
printf -v PAD "%07d" $1
curl -o "$PAD.mp3" -k $url
for i in {0..36}
let POS=i*30000
myCurl $POS
mkdir trimmed
for f in *.mp3
sox $f "./trimmed/$f" trim 0 30.000
rm *.mp3
cd trimmed
cat *.mp3 > ../out.mp3
rm *.mp3
cd ..
rm ./trimmed



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Damn hope this is waiting for me when I get home






knocks: lush


autechre: approx. 16 min of funky mayhem, 1 min of lush = 17 min of total fragmented deliverance! best parts so far: 40 secs., 4 min 14 secs and from around 12 min til the end.

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my god this track is a monster, i'd argue that it has one over on the entire LP of Exai just in terms of depth, progression, sound design, everything. The ending especially is one of the finest outros for an Autechre song I've ever heard, that stuttering sub bass, jesus christ this is abstract electronic music taken to it's highest form.

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