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Topic: Multi track timing (phrase length and sync)


What phrase lengths in seconds are EKTers using for multitrack recording? 10 seconds? 20 seconds? 50 seconds? Even with an Atari I notice tracks

of 5 minutes length tend to drift a lot over time. Where's the timing sweet spot for multitracked phrases?


This track was 50 second length phrases. 16 bars @ 75bpm. There are a lot of off beat sound effects too that are not supposed to be on beat. Thanks for pointing it out, want to consider this topic

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So you're making each section and layer separately and then dubbing them into the track?


I suppose the thing is not so much the length of the phrases but the accuracy of whatever is creating the tempo - if it's not accurate, then shorter segments would correct the drift more often. An Atari probably drifts because it is keeping time using clock cycles.


I don't know what modular synth you're using, but I wonder if there's a way to record a clock signal onto a track to use for syncing the subsequent layers or some device than could produce a consistent clock signal. An Atari might be difficult to sync in that way though (unless the Atari were producing the clock signal that everything else is synced to - I'm guessing though).


Someone else would know more about modular synths and synchronisation than me - maybe ZoeB - she does modular stuff

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