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explain trance to me


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For me trance kinda spawned from the more upbeat ambient techno (Age of Love, Cygnus X) which then split into two, Goa Trance (later Psytrance) for the old hippes who liked to dance for free in muddy fields and the more commercial trance anthems for clubs [...]. Both avenues of 'trance' really haven't progressed musically since around 1999 imho.



1999: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ercPEkpyc5w


2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlLHIte-Zgc

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late 90's Trance is the arse end of a doomed "scene", hence irrelevant, christ remember mid-90's Gratecrasher kids with fuckin facepaint a glowsticks?


trance with a small "t" is as old as humanity & the fact that term has been appropriated by such derivative wank, dayum, one of the more overt travesties of a universal experience


music should have the power to induce trance & to induce in a collective environment without recourse to demeaning Fluro, daft bpm mong-beats & crusty dreadlocks, is one of the finest realms humans can reach


giving bs scenes a label doesnt provide authenticity, ever

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it's cuz acidhead homeless people who danced to goa didn't have the braincells left to listen to anything else. the people were too stoned to realize how aesthetically boring the whole thing had become.

(psytrance that is)

Have you changed your mind since you wrote the above, or was this some kind of aberration?

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re psytrance:


very popular at bush raves here (aka doofs). i agree that the synths are very interesting, and i get a sort of moving popup book vibe from all the melodic layers in psytrance which is very cool esp when tripping. however i find it too dry and cheesy overall, it kind of sounds silly to my ears. dark psy i absolutely despise, who wants to listen to that unnerving nonsense while strung out on acid? apparently a lot of people.


i'd be more into doof music if it were more earthy like boc and less dry and synthetic. probably something to do with how it translates to a dancefloor over a pa system i guess.

Interesting.. Yeah i hear and i wouldnt be tempted to dance to psytrance.. To md thst stuff is more suited for getting into a work flow, mental stuff, computer w headphones, doing mind numbing keybosrd tasks etc

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Trance producers I know in Syd are not aware of how poor quality their tunes r because the bush doof scene has devolved them into addlepated simpletons in just a few short years

wtver carpe diem mate

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Trance has always been underrated imo. Yes, itz a borderline eurodance shit mostly but the way it influenced me when i was in my early teen yrs was nothing but spectacular. Traveling without moving!

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14 hours ago, katmat said:

Proper proto trance: 



wasn't expecting to see this here lol, Neil's catalogue speaks for itself


whole lp is so fkn good & Nottingham's finest did their own version of transcendence by distilling the deepest of deep house, fortunately Warp picked it up & personally still consider Strictly 4 Groovers one of the label's strongest releases, the Firenze track is sublime too


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Just discovered this BBC essential mix from last year, full of classics from the dutch "golden era" 1998 - 2003 (ish).

A fun way to spend 2 hours if this sort of thing floats your boat.  A bunch of "progressive" remixes included by Ejeca who curated the mix.


Tastexperience – Tantrix [R.T.X.R. Records] Freefall – Skydive (Trance Wax Version) [Stress Records] CRW – I Feel Love (Trance Wax Version) [Bang On!] Marco V – Simulated (Bas Amro Remix) [Wolfskull Records] Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Tale Of Us Remix) [Renaissance Records] Yves Deruytur – Back To Earth (Trance Wax Version) [Bonzai Records] Filterheadz – Yimanya [ID&T] Beat Foundation – Foundations (Trance Wax Version) [Not On Label] Chicane – Lost You Somewhere [Xtravaganza Recordings] Mauro Picotto – Lizard (Trance Wax Version) [BXR] Camisra – Let Me Show You [Altra Moda] CM – Dream Universe (Trance Wax vs. Kaily Version) [Addiction Records] The Auranaut – People Want To Be Needed [Barracuda] V-Three – Zulu [UK Bonzai] Three Drives – Sunset On Ibiza [Massive Drive Recordings] Signum – What You Got For Me? [Tidy Trax] Vincent de Moor – Fly Away [Zeitgeist] Ralphie B – Massive [Data Records] Hand’s Burn – Good Shot [No Trance Limit Records] B.B.E. – Seven Days And One Week [Triangle] Cherry Moon Trax – The House Of House [UK Bonzai Gold Series] Push & Globe – Transformation [Bonzai Records] GTR – Mistral [Five AM] Coast 2 Coast – Be With Me [Religion Music] Trance Wax – Beul Un Latte [Unreleased] Atlantis – Fiji (Trance Wax Version) [Scuna Music]



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On Saturday night I DJ'd at a house party, did roughly 3 hours of trance classics(all on vinyl, obviously) from the years 1997 - 2003.  Was amazing fun and those in attendance enjoyed it too - all attendee's roughly in the right age bracket to have enjoyed the music the first time around.

Luckily the guys who owned the house had hired in a pretty decent PA with subs so it sounded damn banging in there.  No neighbours for miles around and surrounded by forests.  I felt rotten driving home last night but surprisingly energised by the experience today!

Tunes that went down especially well:


Paris & Sharp - Aphrodite

James Holden - Nothing

Tilt - Children

Ayla - Ayla

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As for all styles there are good and average bands.

Im not fully into trance but I admire one particular duo, "Astral Projection" are the real trance guys. They started on early 90s as SFX and shaped trance as it is today, I recommend you their albums "Dancing Galaxy" and "Another World". A lot of people tag them as goa trance but for me, they have that kind of flow missing in a lot of plain tracks (like the stereotypical one mentioned in the Future Ducks of London video above, using that kick over and over again). They also do awesome remixes and its a shame, because they're pretty much unknown outside trance community. I remember a few years ago I went to see them in a concert and we were like 30 souls but oh man, we danced non stop for 3h that was incredible.

Gouryella, Nick K or Ferry Corsten remixes are also good stuff. This one for example, is a classic:


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On 5/18/2020 at 10:42 PM, Diurn said:

m not fully into trance but I admire one particular duo, "Astral Projection" for me are the real trance guys. They started on early 90s as SFX and shaped trance as it is today, I recommend you their albums "Dancing Galaxy" and "Another World".

Trust in Trance is also great:

If you like Astral Projection you should check out early MFG if you haven't already:


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Just came across the remix made by none other than Moritz Von Oswald. Yeah, the Basic Channel guy. It's fairly typical 1993 trance stuff. I'm confused. As he already must have been producing his Basic Channel type stuff by that time.


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