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Dexter Void - Drawings from the Outer Realm

Guest jasondonervan

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Guest jasondonervan

This guy seems to do some pretty gnarly drawings - similar to those which I would probably spend hours doing/concentrating on as a kid - to go along with his descriptive pieces about certain artists:






The strangest of realms embody many pathways, all inside the imagination of one. It’s cold and taut, mirroring the sublime and the regal. Angular shapes and apparatus weld their way across the damaged membrane of your skull. The strident and deliciously repulsive sounds that chisel, tap and scrape away at your scalp will leave you in a state of confusion - much like Mortal Kombat. Do we not like to dwell in the realm of scary emptiness, fitfully scattered with remnants of our past?


As Autechre, the duo of Rob Brown and Sean Booth have tread a vast range of terrain, edging further and further towards the rim of the universe. One wonders where their fragments of sound will echo or slowly resonate, all in a realm at the core of humanity’s thinking or as far away as one can deem.







Running and running along bold white lines, slow-mo. Getting into gear, the arduous task of escaping a burden. Wading and wading in some sort of black atmosphere, reoccurring florescent glitches and broken pixels shooting across my eyes. This bright glow slides into my sorrow. Solid, clunky beats rebound off my flimsy body intertwining the retro sine-waves, still echoing into the near, impending Armageddon.


The faceless entity will ultimately drag me along with many others, faces in the dirt, clutching at the roots of a foundation that disappeared long ago. A vipers tongue whips all tension like the abrupt and caustic inducing sound ringing in this enclosed universe.

















Have a nose around on his tumblr, plenty more artists are lovingly rendered (apologies if jazz)

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