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Guest active galaxies

Blimey this was excellent, I really appreciated the depth in the sound design, you've got a nice amount of space in the mix.


Organic progression of the track was cool, in parts reminding me of Imago-era Rovo, and Kuedo (around the 4 min mark). Getting your Arrhythmus EP as we speak.


What do you use to make your stuff?

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Awwwwwwwww thank yous!

Bezhin: This was pretty much all Elektron Machinedrum + Monomachine, built from the live version on Arrhythmus. A fair bit of processing in Ableton Live + some Arturia 2600V.

If you want more, there's always my BandCamp

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Very nice production, I liked the development in the beat the snare in particular. Reminds me of something I've hear, can't quite put my finger on it.


Goes very well with the synths, the beat is really really tasty though. Where did you get those sounds?

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Pretty much all of that track is Elektron Machinedrum + Monomachine, there's a little bit of the Arturia 2600 clone and Ableton Live mangling but not a great deal.

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