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Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Incunabula with an Ae megamix

Bertolt Brechtakt

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Hell yeah, today 20 years ago, our everyday heroes Autechre released their sound and genre defining debut album Incunabula. A good chance to reminisce over 20+ years of constant evolution in sound and style. The next in the Single Source Publishing mix series is about to begin:




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Thank you very much for the positive feedback so far. Happy you enjoy the mix.


In regards to a download link I am going to check my Soundcloud account if there's enough space left for an upload of the set. I let you know.


Until then enjoy the stream of memories on Mixcloud.



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Hahaha how the fuck did you manage to mix Ae with Ae. This must have been a pain in the ass to mix.


Actually I was surprised how natural some of the transitions flew (like Under BOAC / Gantz Graf / PCe.freeze.2.8i / Surripere or Bladelores / Plays Weissensee). Though there was a lot of EQ knob twiddling and timing to be done. And I did quite a few re-recordings because I wanted it to be just perfect.


I think the µ-Ziq anniversary mix I did was more pain in the ass than Autechre because µ-Ziq has so many melodies, he gives you quite a hard time to find a transition without interfering harmonies.


This said I guess it took me about 25-30 hours to complete the mix incl. scanning of my record collection for the tracks I wanted, figuring out a dynamics concept, working out the transitions, recording, re-recording and finishing.

It was great fun though because this work always brings me back to records I haven't listened to for a while and it let's be get to know the tracks from a different perspective.

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Is there any way to download it for listening on the go?


This site grabs files off Mixcloud in their original quality.



Damn...I can download anything from the mixcloud from now on... awesome!


@BB: currently downloading your mix. process is mighty simple, but speed is pretty low, tbh.

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Guest Tom Servo

"Laughing Quarter" at 33rpm-->"Pen Expers"-->"Skin Up"=utter brilliance. You, sir, are a genius.


Thanks so much for this!

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