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Bibio - The Green EP

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Haha, some liner notes-esque scrawl in green ink on ripped-out Moleskin paper, pinned to a cork board with, of all things, a couple of bibio lures you say?


I think Bibio is really coming into his own now, sort of coming back to his original vignette idea but with a new found strength and sophistication. Dye the Water Green was definitely one of my favorites from Silver Wilkinson.


I also want him to put out some music like what can be heard in that vine loop you posted, Face Culler.

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For those interested in a CD- there will be a Japanese version with bonus track too!


Praise be! If anyone has a link for preorder / whatever for this (when it appears), plz do post it. I don’t usually follow the Japanese release news, but this is one I wanna pick up.


Thanks watmm you’re the best

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