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Guest transmisiones ferox

21 years ago i was listening to this song in the woods. the moon was rising about the trees. it was scotland. as soon as the beat came in i thought "surely these guys are brothers irl."























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Always been my favorite track by BoC, or by anyone for that matter. My favorite track of all time.


This is how I feel about EYDIAB. I can't possibly express what I feel/think when I listen to this track. Also, this was posted on my birthday. Neat coincidence.

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Yeah this track fuckin rules. Ashamed of my earlier misgivings.


the guitar at the end is sooo good

It really is! The original sample is from here but BoC surely wrangled it into their own thing:

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right now is the first time i decided to listen to this track

woah really?


the nonameno5 vid was the first boc I ever heard I think.. 9 years ago now..


Yes, just put the whole EP on for the second time today... I love leaving things really late as i can never really find new music that is a good as what has been done... I really need to buy the vinyl like 21 years ago...

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that moment when the full beat kicks in at 2:03 is sublime

those pete standing alone moments... of all the trademark BoC achievements we typically think of, the little melodies and the ambient tracks, GODDAMN they know how to make beats and make them count. basefree is another good example, when the hi-hats return at the halfway point. or even that single KICK in the intro to sixtyten. they know how to get it *just* right.

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On 12/16/2013 at 5:11 PM, Goiter Sanchez said:

Yeah I had that version from file sharers back in the early 2000s as well. I latter found out that it is from the aforementioned 'Skampler' compilation, with the Crickets being the lead-in to a very Bolaesque Gescom track called 'Stoop'.

This chirping sound is also in one of the Boc website loops.

So doesn't that mean that it's actually a Boc track leading into the Bola-like Gescom track? Perhaps it was mixed together for the Skampler compilation (by Andy Maddocks?).

I saw someone comment on Discogs that the old Skam shop had a track 'Tele' listed following EYDIAB.

At Skam's MP3 download store, it says that track 13.2 is called "Tele", and track 13.3 is called "Stoop". The other track titles are the same as listed here, and so are all the artist credits. Did Skam make a mistake, or does this discogs entry need updating?

Anyone here who knows more about this?

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