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Not often I get the pleasure of introducing people to some new music when this forum is pretty ahead of the curve on that side of things, but I've not really seen anyone mention Yaporigami, a Japanese sort of noise techno artist who is producing great track after great track and nobody has mentioned him.


Any fans of industrial would probably find themselves right at home here. Also fans of raster noton would probably dig, but take it on its own terms. Play loud with a great soundsystem.


Allow me to introduce you:



This track from his Jade Fib EP as you can tell has a pretty nifty video. This EP might be his most abrasive stuff, if the harsher elements are too much then I direct you towards his Hertzian album, which is pretty much solid gold:




Enjoy! And if you like it then support the guy








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This guy know's what's up!


That video for Eve was crazy. I couldn't tell if the CGI statue-chick with no arms was moving sensuously, or writhing. The ambiguity was unsettling (appropriately). Messed with my head a bit.


Thanks for sharing.

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Hmm, missed this thread the first couple times around. This is great stuff though, definitely need to check out more. His harsher stuff posted in this thread is awesome.

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I've been checking out more Mille Plateaux stuff and got caught on this release under a different moniker of this guy. It's not dance music (which I assume Yaporigami is; I haven't listened too deeply to that material yet), but I love this one. Not popular enough to be expensive on discogs like a lot of Mille Plateaux releases can be, good news for me.


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