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Hi Everyone,


I have been experimenting with 6/4 time signature recently and also trying to find a fine melting point between Techno, IDM, Braindance, Breakcore, Ambient and Electronica.I'm pretty convinced today that I have finally found / done it. Here is the result to share. If you like it, please share / spread the word!


Any feedback(s) are more than welcome. :)





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Thanks Yu!


Your sound has definitely evolved in the 12 months since Rhythm Study, which still felt very connected to some of your earlier trademark work. This builds on that melting point momentum demonstrated in Xinri. Whilst it doesn't quite hit those same spectacular heights for me (after a few listens anyway), I certainly agree that this is a more convincingly synthesized blend, as well as being an approach worth exploring further, eager to see where it takes you and what comes up!

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> auxien

Glad to hear that you like the track!

> Roo


Thx for your detailed comment!

Yes, you are right. It's not as high as Xinri release however I'm seeking to make tunes that is more durable (if this makes sense!).



Next year will be very exciting as I have a few release confirmations already at this point.

I will update you guys soonest with the information!


Cheers, Y

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