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About Us:

CronicBeats LLC, online music producer, producing everything from instrumental Music to R&B and Hip Hop. World renowned and certified we will record your beats today.

Why Hire CronicBeats:

1. We have over 10 years plus in making beats! We have had many TV placements.

We can deliver that industry sound that will guartnee your tracks getting national

exposure. Very important if you ever want a chance at a record deal!

2.Our beats set the foundation to your success, not to mention all tracks are mixed and mastered.


3. We give out helpful free info that can get your music fans pumped up and wanting to always listen to your music. In this day and age if you have a massive fan base you can sell music in your sleep. We appreciate your time thus far, join our mailing list today! Live off your music, live your dreams! CronicBeats LLC

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Guest disparaissant

i love how the sample says "cronicbeats.net" but the image says "cronicbeats.com."

reminds me of homestarrunner.net (it's .com!)

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