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Kung Fury Kickstarted Project


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Guest RadarJammer

haha if i were him i'd take a few steps to start separating my moniker from this website. or he'll be on here naming tea pots or some shit.

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that's awesome, when i was watching the trailer i thought to myself 'this sounds like Brian E did the soundtrack' then i realized it was Mitch murder and it was still cool. I would argue that both of their 80s styles are very similar and Brian E beat him to the punch but I think both make great tunes. Since Brian E is doing more funk focused stuff now, this stuff sounds like a very appropriate evolution of the Yellow Light District sound

the part where he's doing kung fu in the trailer is very reminiscent of Tokyo Rock off YLD

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its like im back in the 80s but only more awesome than it actually was


very similar attitude to far cry 3 blood dragon


this whole 'thing' (roided up 80s radicalness) should blow up into a huge genre, at least for a couple of years

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Guest cult fiction

nice work data! I backed it!


also minor lol at john erlichman label pimping in this thread, work dat pr

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