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Michael Bay lolol


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it's worth scrolling at the comments....

such as this one:




"meanwhile at apple"


snot is ejecting from my nose because lol tbh.

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I was hoping the cognitive dissonance got too much for him. All this talk about how Hollywood creates these fantastic universes and how he wants to take his audience on some emotional ride. Really? He made those transformers flicks, right?


Maybe, just maybe, the feeling that he sold his soul to the devil was what drove him off stage.



Or the teleprompter didnt work properly... :/

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His movies rely more on technology that actual storytelling. That's what makes this so poetic: take away his teleprompter, and he's got nothing to deliver to the audience

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This is just painful, it's the the kind of shit that would haunt me if I was in the position where I had to hop up on stage and wax lyrical about a product I couldn't care less about.


He's a hack, but I do feel kind of sorry for him.

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