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Need money for travels. I'm selling the following CDs


* Quaristice Versions (2CD - Limited Edition)

* EPS 1991-2002 (5CD - Box Set)

* Exai

* Move of Ten

* Gescom - Minidisc

* Gescom - ISS:SA

* Anvil Vapre

* Anti

* EP7

* Garbage

* Amber

* BasscadEP

* Peel Session 1

* Chiastic Slide

* Untilted

* Incunabula

* Gantz Graf

* Draft 7.30

* Tri Repetae

* Envane PROMO

* The Widescreen Versions Comp. (inc. Lexis - "Hypnotise" (Autechre Slow Mix))

* Alt. Frequencies 3 Comp. (inc. Gescom - "Leritue" (gibber mix))




The lot can be yours for $200, otherwise make me an offer on individual releases. Photos on request, we'll sort out something reasonable for shipping



Edit: Missed opportunity for thread title: "sAel" :(

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