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36 - Sun Riders


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Buy the digital/vinyl release http://3six.bandcamp.com/album/sun-riders-3sixseven003





3six Recordings is pleased to announce a new 7" vinyl series for 2014. The first record is "Sun Riders" which is housed on transparent heavy vinyl, in a clear PVC sleeve, finished with a transparent vinyl sticker. Minimise to maximise!







This will be the first of an ongoing series in 2014. Lot's of nice stuff lined up. Big up WATMM.

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Thanks! It was the top seller on bandcamp yesterday, which is nice considering how dreadful I am at this whole promotion thing. Physical package should look quite lush once it's back from manufacturing.

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"That clockwork track" is about 60bpm different from what you're comparing it to, in a completely different key, with an original melody, uses a vocal, and is written in what I assume is a completely different production approach. It's like saying any melody created with a music box and mechanical noise is automatically the property of Aphex. I love Nannou, but it just seems like a lazy comparison. I spose any track made with a 909 and a 303 is a ripoff of Phuture, heh. Still, I suppose I should be honoured.


Oh well, weird passive aggression aside, thanks for buying it :)

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