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Hi to all the tune lovers out there,


This here thread is about a blog I write on with my friend Kenny. We're mad for tunes of all shapes and forms, but mostly banging ones that will set you up for the week/end. We love sharing music cus there's nothing better than finding a tune that hits you just right, and we hope to share that feeling with as many people as possible.


We generally rant in between working and playing so the posts may be infrequent, but we hope to provide more regular updates this year.


Hitting off 2014 we've just launched our Skirmix feature, where we've invited a number of Djs/Producers to mix things up for us. By the end of the series we'll have a load of mixes which will hopefully show the broad spectrum of electronic music.


We're always open to suggestion so do feel free to comment. If anyone would like to get involved by either writing for us, or sharing your music with us then don't hesitate to get in contact either.


Sound! :)




Latest post: http://skirmishblog.net/skirmix-ben-pest/

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