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Luke Vibert - Ridmik

Herr Jan

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March / April. Hypercolour. CD, 2LP and digital.


'what might be his most personal record to date'

'Harking back to his breakout 2003 acid jam I Love Acid, Ridmik ekes every last bit of life from Roland's trusty box'

'inspired by the collection of obscure and archival music that he dug up last year'

01. Ridmik
02. Stabs Of Regret
03. Six Eight
04. Acid Jacket
05. Acrobot
06. Acage
07. Overstand Me
08. CS303
09. Proper Gander
10. Double Dipped Acid
11. Vortek



EDIT: one track from the album is already online for a long time I remember - listen this podcast (50 minutes in), track is ridiculously fresh and reminds me a lot of the Ace Of Clubs stuff, but more chilled out.



EDIT2: uploaded the podcast track on YT:

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Edit/ btw, should there also be a thread for this in the 'New & Upcoming Releases' section?.....or is that a bit much? Aka, no one is going to see this in the sub-forum.

Best if this thread gets tagged into that section, but I'm still not sure if that's possible on watmm though.

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Nice, will post it in the OP. Nice that RA says release date is March, HMV in Japan says also release date is 17th of March.


Sounds interesting that he's inspired by the library tracks. Must be pretty funky then.

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it's great to see luke releasing on smaller, newer labels like this.


i always considered it quite sad that the watmm featured artists seemed to be so absent with regards to actually releasing new music, especially amidst the dubstep/"bass music" explosion since ~07. almost as if they're too proud to release tracks amongst a bunch of newer, younger, less experienced producers. or they're just old farts with no new tracks to put out (....yeah right)


not luke though, an ep on faltydl's label, and now a lp on hypercolour. yay

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