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[Seattle] - Bonkers presents - Beatwife

Guest Retrig

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I'm fucking excited. We will be hosting Beatwife for the March 7th Bonkers! night.


Re-Bar, Seattle. 21+


As always, details as they're hammered out.




"Seattle Rave thugs roll out!"

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Please say Hi this time around :) I'll give you a passphrase to get in 2$ off at some point. I and we are fun and awkward too.

MODS: I've been told I subtitled the date incorrectly and I can't find a way to change it. I can't seem to view the subtitle either, so if it's February 7th (Wisp), it needs to be March 7th (Beatwife). Thanks!

So much <3

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Guest Retrig

Final bump. Tonight! Beatwife!

No special phrase this time around as we've already brought the price down to $8.00.


Canadians get in for $5 by showing your ID.

Let's do this!


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