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Oneohtrix Point Never in San Diego

Guest eczem

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So apparently OPN is playing in a historic church turned venue (the irenic) that is literally 1 mile from my building. 15$/ ticket, hell yuz.



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betrayed in the hexagon


well done


I saw him tonight in San Francisco. A liminal experience for certain as I've not really heard much OPN before, and now that I have I can say that I've not heard anything quite like it!

The wife and I got back a few hours ago. The opener Dawn of Midi were good. Drums, keys, and upright bass. Lots of polyrhthyms, microchanges, and dynamic shifts. My wife said they put her in a trance.


As for the main course... i think liminal is a good word choice. I like the fact that there were obviously a good amount of sounds & structures from R+7, but it never felt as if he was replicating a particular measure from an album track. I like that alot of the ambient sections were extended in duration compared to the album. Some of the best moments of his set didn't sound related to any album I've heard at all. He's really good at making atmosphere build and envelop.


My main complaint of the night was that the venue let it get just too fucking loud for my taste at points during OPN's set. I seriously found myself in want of a decibel meter. Been to alot of concerts and shows over the years too....maybe i've just become more sensitive/conscious of it over time.



All in all a good night of top notch sounds.

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I too was at the SF show. Decent stuff. I've been refering to it as neo-new age. Yeah it was too bassy, but the opening girl act that went on before him were terrible and had at twice the bass OPN had. Cool atmospheres.

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