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Super Bowl XLVIII

Rubin Farr

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I'm excited. We have a big 56" TV to watch it on at work and it'll be dead. Being a seahawk fan since I was a kid and this being one of the two superbowls they have gone to, it's pretty friggin cool


Being a Seattlite, it makes me a little bit happy in the pit of my misanthropic heart to see people just randomly yelling "GO HAWKS" to each other on the streets as apposed to the usual avoid-all-eye-contact-and-keep-walking mentality there is around here. People are on a wavelength here for this sporting event, it's got a cool energy and vibe to it.


Needless to say, if we lose and you never hear from me again, it's likely I was killed in the ensuing riots... or I am in jail for looting guitar center during said riots... Lastly, if you hear from me and my music has gotten a ton of new toys and I post a pic on the 'studio pictures' thread and it looks like I gained way more equipment than a 23 year old should have; I succeeded in looting guitar center.


Many possibilities, much sports.

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That budweiser commercial with the solder* returning home from some presumably noble tour of service made me vomit in my mouth a little


"Every solder deserves a thank you like this."


Well that's great budweiser considering you broke out the ponies for exactly one soldier


* one of the signs held up in the commercial actually spelled it this way

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I casually was going for the Broncos. My grandma's favorite team (she's from Wyoming).


So now, as a kid who grew up cheering for Dallas in the 90s, I have a small taste, just a little bit, of the sadness that is being a Bills fan.


(gave up in 3rd quarter to watch Downtown Abbey)

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I briefly considered staying up to watch this, but in the end there is actually very little game played over several hours and most of it is replays, analysis of the most pointless things and commercials. I only knew that some player on the Seahawks had caused a stir among the bigoted, so I was rooting for Seattle to win.

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