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Groove Jigoku V!


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Anyone a fan or own Groove Jigoku V?


Japanese friend of mine was telling me about it the other night, showed me a few videos of it, and by golly if it does it seem to be the greatest game my eyes have ever seen!


From what I gather the game was made by Denki Groove (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denki_Groove) on a limited Japanese only run for Playstation 1. Somewhat like Rez in that you can "freestyle" some music/beat making, only more control.


Basically you play ridiculous mini-games similar to that of Point Blank in order to earn enough money to buy various records, and with each record you get samples - you then use these samples, controlled via the PS1 controller, to play, or sequence the samples. Very very cool.


english play-through:

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