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New track with Analog Four and a small Buchla set up

Guest gigasturtz

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Short but sweet track man! nice ending or bridging track i reckon. the main part (for me) the attuned lead sound - sounds very eclectic to my ears.

At 1:50 on wards the notes change and i like that chaotic ending to this voyageurs encounter.

Cool stuff.

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Guest gigasturtz

Thanks duder! That main sound is a sample of my friend singing into a pitch shifter that I a/b/y'd back into itself to create a feedback loop. I just chopped out a little part of it and pitch shifted it around in ableton to create the melody/rhythm. :-D

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Things I like:

- The strange tuned vocal sample sounds nice

- The overall ominous atmosphere

- There's a feeling that something's about to happen


Thinks I think could be improved

- Nothing actually happens, it doesn't evolve

- Everything is kinda static, some random fx here and there or whatever could make things more interesting

- Especially towards the end the voc samples seem a bit randomly put, it seems to lack a musical plan


overall: very promising stuff. You need to think bigger and make a musical story out of this. Something that starts quietly and ominously and goes somewhere else from there. Where? You decide!


These are just my thoughts.

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Guest gigasturtz

I appreciate your feedback and you address some very specific concerns of my own/things that I am aiming to improve. For a while I've just been exploring sounds and I need to push to move into bigger things for sure. :-)

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:-D thank you! my concern is that it's boring. what do you think?


The bass is. Just 3 notes repeated over and over doesn't sound like a good idea to me, it kind of spoils the track. Maybe it could be there for a while and then be replaced by something else, I don't know. IMO it shouldn't come back once it's gone.

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- There's a feeling that something's about to happen


Yeah. I love the sounds going on in this, but it does seem like the start of a song that could build up to something with more going on.

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Guest gigasturtz


:-D thank you! my concern is that it's boring. what do you think?


The bass is. Just 3 notes repeated over and over doesn't sound like a good idea to me, it kind of spoils the track. Maybe it could be there for a while and then be replaced by something else, I don't know. IMO it shouldn't come back once it's gone.


Thanks for your feedback! The idea with the bassline was to keep it the same while the noise parts changed/evolved to emphasize the difference in harmonic relationships. I'm really into the idea of parts staying the same so that they eventually blend into the background/the listener stops paying conscious attention to them.


Building is into something bigger is on the agenda of songwriting skills I'd like to work on. Any specific techniques that you would recommend playing with?

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