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Universally adored music

Soloman Tump

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Of course it doesn't, it's music and that's the way it works. So the thread is basically "find a hater for your favourite nostalgic piece". Now I didn't dislike your Queen song because i haven't heard until now. I'm raising up my hand, is this really music? No better way to use human voice and these so-called instruments? Hate it.

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Has its moments, but in general - fuck it.


I think everyone living in the Andromeda Galaxy love the hell out of The Beatles


Been there, Beatles are despised, maybe that was because of my drug use projecting.


Long live Yoko Ono.


Fuck her in the ass.


Easy answer. John Cage's 4'33. Everyone is in the mood for that track at some point.


Say it to those who attended it first time.


Boys of Summer - Don Henley


Ace of Spades - Motorhead


*tubing* U kiddin', worse than Queen song


i would be impressed to find someone who doesnt enjoy at least a few chopin nocturnes.


True, i'm letting others do the dirty work here

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My mum got our 2-y.o. daughter hooked on abba and I'll never forgive her for it.

might wanna work on your sentence phrasing there.

incest rumours spread like wildfire.


also, not having any suggestions to give; there's always a hater out there, although african music like fela kuti's is pretty universally appreciated.

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Maybe Michael Jackson - Billie Jean



best answer so far



See... I generally dislike MJ. Whilst Billie Jean is an ok tune, I much prefer the campness of Queen.




That is wonderful music.

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