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Global Goon - Destroy The Mirror

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March 2014 - Balkan Recordings - BD001


01 - Looking Glass
02 - Cymule
03 - Soda
04 - People Person
05 - Dusty Sequence
06 - Hours
07 - Law Of The Land
08 - Gloomish Goon
09 - Outwit
10 - Feelings
11 - The Grillroom
12 - Weather Flanghe
13 - Cuprice
14 - Destroy The Mirror
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Almost don't want to post to spoil the 303 count....now it's a long way to 808 posts


It is on Beatport (ugh...they are twats), and a few other places (check out the AMAZING write-up on Boomkat)


but obviously prefer you get it from Bandcamp. It's cheaper, higher quality, and means a better cut for GG and Balkan :-)

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Been listening to this over the last few days. One of his best albums in my humble opinion!


I'm actually enjoying this more than Vibert's "Ridmik" (sorry Luke...). They both have a very straightforward techno acid vibe but I like the wooziness of Destroy the Mirror + it doesn't seem as skeletal as Ridmik.


People Person, Law of the Land, and Destroy the Mirror are my immediate favorites.

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Been listening to this over the last few days. One of his best albums in my humble opinion!




+1 I hadn't listened to the Goon for quite a few years and didn't realize he had been so busy. Now I'm getting caught up and I really like what I'm hearing! People Person is my fav right now

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outwit is my jam




edit: and looks like Law of the Land was actually already released on a compilation album under the name "Fluwephsss"... no wonder i had heard it before....




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